Green terror -(Aequidens rivulatus; also known as the Gold Saum)


Gold Saum


The green terror originates from South America; specifically Equador and Peru where it is commonly found in the still waters of the local river basins.

They are polymorphic and can have white or gold-orange edging to the tail and dorsal fins.

Males grow larger than females and may reach lengths of up to 12 inches. Females on the other hand are sexually mature at around 4.5 inches.

As their name indicates, mature specimens can be very aggressive. This is not guaranteed, however, as with many other cichlids this varies with their individual personalities.

This fish is a very slow grower. It is also believed that mated pairs tend to grow even slower due to the process of breeding.

Ideal Tank setup:

They do not like bright lighting. It is recommended to provide lots of caves and plants for a territory to be established. The addition of wood in the tank is also welcome as it helps lower the ph slightly through the release of tannins in the water.

Tank size:

A minimum 55 gallon for one green terror and 75 gallon or larger for a pair.


This fish is territorial & aggressive. Keep them with fish of a similar size and temperament, or ideally a species only tank. Otherwise they work well with Fire Mouths, Jack Dempseys, Plecos and other large fish. Avoid Oscars with Green Terrors as they have been known to kill them.


72 – 82 F

Water chemistry: 

pH 6.5 to 7.5


Omnivorous: live, frozen and flake/pellet foods. Avoid feeder fish.

male and female


The dorsal fins on males are longer and sharper than on the females. It is also observed that males tend to be brighter in coloration and sport a thicker red/orange/silver band on their tail.